*1979 Prague

In her work, artist Miša Marek encounters memories, emotions, and longings through sensual reconstructions of relationships, physical experiences and spatial conditions. Experimenting humorously with identitites emerging from different areas Miša's work challenges to look for their original abandonment in the individual story underneath.
By dwelling on this original plain of yearning to attain a different life, relationship, or place her subtle approach uncovers what we are moved by, and by doing so, lets us pass beyond our individual boundaries or experience emotional intimacy.


Exhibitions (selection)
2022 VERY ME, CLOSE TO YOU. Anita Frech / Miša Marek, Kahan Art Space, Budapest
2021 When Souls Meet Again, The Soap Room/Premierentage Innsbruck 2021
2020 Untitled (At Life Two Humans), The Soap Room/Parallel Vienna 2020
2019 Salon at Apartment Lackierergasse, Vienna
2018 Group exhibition Pop Up-Space Cubus X, Moravia

Represented by Franziska Heubacher