The Soap Room, ‘Das Seifenzimmer’ is situated in the soap factory / Seifenfabrik Walde, originally located at Innstrasse 23, Innsbruck. Formerly this
space was used for the production of margarine and a 4m long fat-container, which was used as a mixing vessel up to the 1980ies, was sitting on stands
on one side of the room. The stands are still visible and are now used as dividers in the storage area. The Soap Room was incorporated in 2010 at the
heart of artistic debate and developments’, including designers Pudelskern, architects Die Modellbauer, Label LW, and Alte Seifenfabrik.

The Soap Room is an autonomous office organizing exhibitions and projects in cooperation with various institutions, writers, filmmakers and artists.
Dedicated to content-based relations between individual artists and the public the program is characterized by a contextual approach towards the ‘narrative’ and ‘personal’,
balancing the border of private work and public space. The Soap Room was launched with the first solo-show by Chosil Kil in Austria in December 2010.

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