Seifenfabrik Walde in Innsbruck is the oldest soap factory and one of the oldest manufacturers in Austria, producing since 1777 to the present. Its
history is thoroughly documented by the family, Walde, and artist Martin Walde. Two spaces in the new shop at Innstrasse 23 are dedicated to the
manual work and the history of the factory.

The Soap Room
Originally a container was in place in The Soap Room. This fat-container was a mixing vessel for the production of margarine. Fat was pumped into it
and heated to 50°C and colored with carotene and flavored with butter. Until 1955, the margarine was packed semi-automatically into 1kg metal-trays,
placed on stands and cooled down in the refrigerator. Then the margarine was turned out and wrapped in butter paper. The main bulk container for
wholesaler was a 30 kg, round, conical and with two wooden handles fitted bucket. It was covered with butter paper and nailed with a wooden lid. The
name ‘Walde ALPINA MARGARINESCHMALZ’ was stamped on the cover. After 1955, a 250g filling and packaging machine replaced former manual
work, but the fat-container served continually as a mixing vessel for the production of margarine until the 1980's. The supporting stands of the vessel
are still visible and are now used as dividers in the storage area.