Parallel Vienna 2020 // Project Statement:
MIŠA MAREK, Untitled (At Life Two Humans)
September 22 - 27, 2020

From performative photography, scripted film and delicate drawings to hard and soft objects, Miša Marek ( moves across the potholes of relationships.
Untitled (At Life Two Humans) is Miša's first exhibition in Austria.

Supported by Stadt Innsbruck and Land Tirol.


God's Entertainment: Docking - Gallery to Go // This is not Santiago Sierra? by Super Nase & Co
Intervention on the occasion of Premierentage 2019
Nov 7, 2019, 6pm Innstraße 23
Nov 8, 2019, 5-10 pm Maria-Theresien-Straße

The docking model »Gallery to Go« by God’s Entertainment shows that cultural innovation is possible outside a defined spatial logic.
The intervention consists of two cars and creates an identification with PREMIERENTAGE, solely because of its proximity to the participating institutions.
With its project, God's Entertainment not only wants to deal with new contemporary forms of presentation, but by shifting the space, it brings those spectators to center who are already in the existing spaces of PREMIERENTAGE.

Supported by Stadt Innsbruck and Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien-MA7

GE - GalleryToGo_1.jpg

March 10 - 20, 2016

Innsbruck International is a biennial of contemporary arts where international and national artists are invited to present their works at outstanding venues around the city.
The second Innsbruck International, with the theme of Je,.../I,.../Ich,..., and incorporating works from the visual arts, sound, film, and theatre, emphasized the importance of authorship at a time when the concept of self is on everyone's lips.

Stokes 132.jpg
Matt Stokes, Long After Tonight, 2005
Courtesy the artist, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead and Markus Lüttgen, Cologne
Commissioned by Dundee Contemporary Arts

Naomi Kashiwagi, Fever (Gramophonica Remix)
Performance on the occasion of Premierentage 2015:
Nov 6, 2015, 8pm

Naomi Kashiwagi uses musique concrète techniques for her performance Fever referring to Delia Derbyshire’s experimental techniques for making sounds.

Naomi Kashiwagi.jpg

June 20 - 23, 2013

Innsbruck International. Festival of the Arts, a biennial of contemporary art, premieres in 2013. 9 exceptional venues show selected film-, video- and sound works on the geographical interface of ‚Innsbruck’ which negotiate representations of the self and its perception in times of crises and everyday life. They revolve around personal questions of identity, loss, and fear, but also hope and happiness.

closure 03.jpg
Willie Doherty, Closure, 2005
Courtesy the artist and Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zürich

A solo exhibition by Gregor Neuerer
The Soap Room
Nov 9th – 30th, 2012

Opening on the occasion of Premierentage 2012:
Nov 9, 2012, 7-10.30pm

Based on park-like settings of psychiatric homes from the 19th Century Gregor Neuerer reflects on ways of life, which are constructed by and experienced through photography.

Anlässlich der Premierentage 2012 in Innsbruck zeigt der Ausstellungsraum The Soap Room ab 10. November 2012 eine neue Arbeit des in Wien lebenden Künstlers Gregor Neuerer
(*1970 in Innsbruck). Im Zentrum von „Villa“ steht eine analog retuschierte, großformatige Fotoarbeit, die in ihrem installativen Setting für den Soap Room konzipiert wurde und dabei
gezielt auf Tirol Bezug nimmt. Die Ausstellung gibt damit einen Einblick in Gregor Neuerers konzeptuelle und bildorientierte Kunstpraxis, in deren Mittelpunkt die Beschäftigung mit
Lebensentwürfen und ihrer Sichtbarkeit steht.
„Villa“ bezieht sich auf das Verhältnis von Bild und Architektur und basiert auf einer Fotografie, die Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts vom psychiatrischen Krankenhaus in Hall in Tirol
aufgenommen wurde. Sie zeigt eine Außenansicht des Gebäudes, umgeben von einer Parklandschaft und Gärten am Stadtrand von Hall. Die Fotografie wurde ursprünglich als Postkarte
verwendet und war im Austausch der PatientInnen mit ihren Angehörigen meist das einzige visuelle Instrument, um ein Bild des Ortes zu vermitteln.

Thanks to Stadt Innsbruck, Kulturabteilung des Landes Tirol, Oliver Seifert, Archiv des Landeskrankenhauses Hall in Tirol, Foto Stockhammer, Hall in Tirol, Dr. Ronald Bacher,
Tiroler Landesarchiv, Alte Seifenfabrik Walde, Romana Fiechtner, Ulrike Fuchsberger, Günther Dankl / Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum.


Architekturtage 2012 at The Soap Room
Saturday, June 2 2012

Love me bender
by breadedEscalope



A cooperation between The Soap Room and design gallery by Michael Turkiewicz.

Premierentage 2011 at The Soap Room
Nov 4th, 2011: 7-10pm
Nov 5th, 2011: 4-9pm

Der Gedanke
by and with Gerhard Polt
by Martin Walde
ak7 – Contemporary Design
by Contemporary Artists

Short directed by Frederick Baker
Duration: 10min
A cooperation between ak7 and design gallery by Engelhorn & Turkiewicz.


Salon Adele at The Soap Room: Catherine Bertola
May 27th, 2011
Salon Adele allows to engage with people in an informal setting: over tea themes and subjects may be discussed. On May 27th 2011 British artist
Catherine Bertola was invited to talk about her work “to be forever known” which was commissioned by the Bronte Parsonage Museum for Personal Tempest.
Bertola’s work is also on display in the show Personal Tempest at UH Galleries Hatfield, UK which opens Sept 17th and runs through Oct 22nd 2011.

Salon Adele is supported by the generous help of Nikolaus Opperer / Achtung Kunst^, ak7 and Collection Opperer.


Personal Tempest
Sept 17th – Oct 22nd University of Hertfordshire Galleries, UK
Sept 17th – Nov 5th 2011 Museum of St Albans, UK
Reception Oct 13th, 2011
College Lane, Hatfield AL10 9AB
The exhibition Personal Tempest explores how our inner state of mind can be affected by natural phenomena, and how at times these effects can develop
into a ‘personal tempest’ – a ‘storm’ of confused, eerie and uncomfortable feelings. Mirrored in imaginary accounts and personal testimony, the show
explores this romantic motif through paintings, drawings, video installations, and photographs. Based on Thomas Bernhard’s book ‚Amras‘ and Emily Brontë’s
novel ‚Wuthering Heights‘, Personal Tempest combines historical and contemporary approaches with poetic storytelling and conceptual presentations.

Invited artists are Eija-Lisa Ahtila, Conrad Atkinson, Bas Jan Ader, Catherine Bertola, Matthew Buckingham, Charlotte Dumas, Rachel Goodyear, Roni Horn,
Anja Niemi, Claire Sherman, and Lois Weinberger. Supported by the Austrian Cultural Forum, London.

Catherine Bertola, To be forever known,
Brontë Parsonage Museum

The Stage, in Order of Appearance
A solo exhibition by Chosil Kil
The Soap Room
Dec 18th 2010 – Feb 24th, 2011

‘The Stage, in Order of Appearance’ does not necessarily refer to the literal meaning of ‘theatrical stage’ but more to a ‘series of events’ or ‘a distinct
section of a journey, especially one after which a stop is made’. ‘Stage’ here implies the journey or process itself. It does not promise ‘final’, but it vows

‘The Stage, in Order of Appearance’ consists of two constituent parts, assembled from both sculptures and paintings. Paintings in this exhibition are not
conventional ones: painting a sculpture with the chosen segment of an existing painting; painting as printing with an inkjet printer. Through a series of
examinations of the concept of the term, painting, the artist’s paintings are a means of interpretation. These paintings embrace the existing landscape of
the exhibition space by placing works directly on and around the walls.
‘The Stage, in Order of Appearance’ consists of a whole body of new works. Each suggestive work title draws a line to its possible relation to the region
of Tyrol and the history of the building of The Soap Room - it used to be women’s monastery- each possessing its own abstract and ambiguous language.
There is nothing ostentatious about the works; rather they are quiet and carefully placed around a constructed structure – stacked plinths. The contrast
of quieter works against the monumental structure of the plinths creates a visual tension. One could say the idea of creating vertical scenery is an
obvious reflection of Tyrol with its mountains blocking the horizon. In this way the exhibition becomes a miniature of the region. On the other hand, it is
about creating an architectural platform where all the sculptures interact with the construction, ‘stage’ or ‘mountain’.

Thanks to Achtung Kunst^, Die Modellbauer, Romana Fiechtner, Martin Garzaner, Verena Konrad, Dominik Mössmer, Dietmar Winkler, and
Land Tirol and Stadt Innsbruck for their support.

Special thanks to Nikolaus Opperer, Peter Walde and family Walde.

Chosil Kil, The Stage, in Order of Appearance
Photo: the artist